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Available Paintings

Last Updated: 8/23/12

Below are a handful of original Paintings by Josh Agle that are currently available either through galleries or eBay.

Resold Paintings

Below (and continuing in the archives) is an extensive list of 74 different Shag originals that have resold over the last several years with the most recent at the top:

Friday, May 2, 2008

Headhunter, Man About Town (1999)

Painting: Headhunter, Man About Town (1999)
Exhibit: Dial H for Hipster
Size: 12x17”
Original Price: $2000
Sold Price: $5500
Date: 5/2/08

This painting sold on eBay six months ago for $4500 and just sold through Outre for $5500, a real bargain considering the subject matter and size.

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